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Avinent Congress
The new digital challenges



The new digital challenges

As the dental industry transitions into the digital world, AVINENT is taking a leading role in the ever changing landscape, from 3d technology to personalized solutions, all in the context of a 100% digital workflow. The future is already here.

AVINENT is on the leading edge of companies pioneering work in the digital arena of dentistry and customized medical technology. Now, AVINENT goes one step further with the organization of a Congress designed to share knowledge and disseminate the keys of the new digital age.

Congreso Avinent

Surrounded by the industry’s leading researchers, experts and frontline professionals, this event stands to set the standard for the new state of the art. In a sector that has already begun an irreversible transition to the digital world, the future will be exciting and full of possibilities.

Congreso Avinent

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