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An innovative tool that makes implant surgery easier and safer

AVINENT has developed the world's first dental implant application for Google Glass. A tool that opens up a world of possibilities, providing dentists with precise instructions to ensure implant surgery is completely safe and successful.

The application has been created together with DROIDERS, the official developer for Google Glass. The introduction of this tool for Google's innovative device is yet further proof of AVINENT's commitment to R&D and consolidates the firm's pioneering position in the dental implantology sector worldwide.

What is AVINENT Glass and what's it used for?

AVINENT Glass is an extremely useful app for dentistry professionals during implant surgery as they can put on the Glass and receive step-by-step instructions, using voice commands to progress through the different stages in the procedure. This improves both ease and safety as it minimises even further the slight risks involved in implant surgery. The app is also particularly useful for professionals to record their cases and as a tool for training and knowledge transfer.

Implant surgery via AVINENT Glass

AVINENT Glass analyses the QR codes of the implant to be inserted. Once verified, the device provides data and indicates the procedure to be followed. The app is controlled by voice commands so that clinicians keep their hands free and can focus all their attention on their patients and maintain the sterile field. These voice commands are based on four simple instructions: OK, NEXT, BACK, CLOSE.

/ Technical specifications: Description of the implant chosen: Implant diameter, length, depth, reference, batch and expiry date.

/ Warnings: Specific alerts for any critical aspect of the surgery that must be taken into account.

/ Instructions: During surgery (standard or guided), the app shows each step of the process to be followed using the Avinent Implant System: the instruments, surgical boxes and accessories required, drilling speeds and depth and recommended torque.

/ Pre-operative checklist: Checklist with everything the dentist needs and must take into account before surgery.
/ Standard: Process to be followed during standard surgery.
/ Guided: Process to be followed during guided surgery.

/ Gallery: by using the "PHOTO" voice command, clinicians can take photographs during surgery and store them in the app and the Google Glass gallery.