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Implant System

Coral System

Coral System

Reliability and aesthetics

CORAL is the first implant system developed by AVINENT and came about as a result of intensive research in the fields of biomedicine and materials engineering. CORAL implants have proven their outstanding predictability and supreme reliability during the years they have been on the market.

Their remarkable shape and innovative BIOMIMETIC ADVANCED SURFACE aid optimal tissue preservation and provide excellent aesthetic results.

Implant shape:

  • Three different tapers, which mimic the root of the tooth.
  • Micro-thread neck ensuring primary stability, distributing loads in an optimal manner and reducing the stresses on the marginal bone area.
  • Continuous triple thread, making insertion of the implant easy.
  • BIOMIMETIC ADVANCED SURFACE which increases the bone-implant contact (BIC) percentage and speeds up osseointegration.
  • Self-tapping to facilitate insertion and positioning of the implant.
  • Available with internal (IC) and external (EC) connection.
  • Incorporates platform switching during prosthetic rehabilitation, aiding the adaptation of soft tissue and ensuring an optimal aesthetic result.


The secret lies in nature

AVINENT conducted an ambitious research process to develop its BIOMIMETIC ADVANCED SURFACE (BAS), a revolutionary surface inspired by the biochemical processes occurring in nature. By incorporating calcium and phosphorus, elements that are found in our body, a surface was created that accelerates bone-implant interaction.

Coral System

Biomimetic properties that promote osseointegration:

1 / Optimum structural roughness

The surface treatment that provides macroroughness and microporosity, with the addition of calcium and phosphorus, gives the surface fully biomimetic properties.

2 / Hydrophillicity

The results obtained in determining the contact angle have demonstrated clear hydrophilic behavior of the implant surface. This characteristic results in better integration between the implant and the biological environment, which promotes osseointegration.

3 / Bone cell generation induced

Scientific studies and clinical evidence have confirmed the success of BIOMIMETIC surface treatment. The surface topography of the implant facilitates bone cell migration and osteogenesis.


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