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Digital equipment

Intraoral scanner

Intraoral scanner

Perfect impression taking, a complete solution

The intraoral scanner provides a totally digital workflow, from the patient’s first visit to the clinic until treatment has finalized. Intraoral scanning produces a unique file with which the doctor, prosthetist and milling center can work.

It is a high-tech system that generates 3,000 images per second, which are combined to create the digital image. It also has a touch screen with real-time visualization, allowing online communication with the laboratory.

Intraoral scanner

A successful partnership at the global forefront

AVINENT-Core3dcentres has worked with 3Shape, a world leader in digital technologies, to develop intraoral implant scanning, and it has developed all the necessary components to carry this out.

AVINENT-Core3dcentres has conducted thorough research to develop a complete library of digital implant solutions for these intraoral scanners.

AVINENT-Core3dcentres distributes 3Shape TRIOS scanners, the best on the market, and provides continuous advice on their use, as well as technical assistance and ongoing training for clients.


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