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Digital Solutions / CAD-CAM

Milling CAD-CAM

Milling CAD-CAM


The most advanced technology for all solutions

AVINENT-Core3dcentres works with state-of-the-art technology to obtain all types of structures in a wide range of materials that allow the milling of structures on natural teeth or on implants, from single units to complete structures.

Milling CAD-CAM

AVINENT’s high speed milling (HSM) technology produces structures of extraordinary quality. These structures offer unmatched precision and passive fit in any material currently available on the market.

All solutions, all materials

AVINENT-Core3dcentres has developed the technology to mill prostheses in all materials currently available on the market. It offers the manufacture of structures in a wide range of both metallic and ceramic materials (cobalt chromium, titanium, zirconium, lithium disilicate and polymers, among others), and the excellent quality of the prostheses produced have made it an authorized center for the manufacture of structures using systems such as LavaTM, WIELAND®, IVOCLAR VIVADENT®, JUVORA® or VITA®.

Milling CAD-CAM


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