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Prothetic System

Prosthetic connections

Prosthetic connections

AVINENT has three different connections available for its implant systems and consequently offers a wide range of high precision attachments that are compatible with the CORAL and OCEAN systems, ensuring an unsurpassable fit.

The CORAL system is available for universal internal (IC) and external (EC) connections. The entire range of prosthetic attachments has been designed according to the specifications of the connections and any final or temporary restoration, whether cemented or screwed, can be performed using basic or advanced prosthetic solutions (transepithelial system).

Prosthetic connections

In addition to its universal IC and EC connections, AVINENT’s OCEAN system also offers a conical connection (CC), which has been developed to complement the system and with some attachment design differences to facilitate the work of dental professionals:

/ Color: The entire range of conical connections includes a colored screw depending on the implant platform.

/ Emergency profiles: As in the healing abutments, the prosthetic phase for conical connections has emergency profiles for multiple or single unit cases throughout its range.


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