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Implant System

Surgical phase

Surgical phase

Surgical phase attachments

The AVINENT range of implants includes a large variety of titanium and PEEK attachments for the surgical phase that aid in the guided healing of soft tissues.

There are three types of healing abutments to choose from depending on the connection: standard, anatomical and aesthetic.

AVINENT’s healing abutments are designed to respect the soft tissues as much as possible and create optimal emergency profiles depending on the type of final prosthesis.

Surgical phase

New features of CC system

The conical connection healing abutments of the OCEAN range have been anodized with the corresponding color of the platform in order to facilitate the work of dental professionals.

AVINENT also designs its conical connection abutments by differentiating between multiple or single unit cases. This characteristic is essential in order to create optimal emergency profiles depending on the final restoration.

Surgical equipment kits

AVINENT provides specialists with high precision instruments that have a common implant-adapted design for internal, external and conical connections.

AVINENT’s two surgical kits help you to choose the implant system that best suits clinical needs.

/ Surgical kit: Outstanding for its very simple clear layout and attractive design. The milling sequence is clearly indicated by a simple color code according to the diameter of the selected implant. All the pieces are positioned in a sterilizable tray, with a transparent cover that provides great visibility of the interior.

/ Small format kit: Smaller and more versatile, it helps you to select a specific sequence and carry it out in a reduced space with everything required for the surgical process. The kit is sterilizable and can also be equipped with the necessary material for prosthesis placement.

Cleanning, desinfection
and sterilization of dental products


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