The AVINENT system offers solutions to patients for every kind of case. The implant systems Coral, Ocean and Pearl guarantee a greater bone integration and predictability. With a revolutionary surface —inspired on nature—, the AVINENT implants guarantee a great primary stability, and they offer a different range of connections.
Prosthetic solutions
Prosthetic solutions
AVINENT has developed all the elements necessary to bring to life a comprehensive digital work flow for the collection of structures, with a wide variety of prosthetic attachments and high-precision compounds.
Intraoral scanning
An optimal digital printing guarantees comfort to patients and precision to professionals. With this technology, the reliability and predictability of the final result increase significantly. Thanks to the joint work between the doctor, the prosthetic technician and the milling centre —based on a single file (digital print)—, the chances of committing a mistake decrease, while offering an optimal and personalized treatment.
Guided surgery
With the help of the most advanced software, AVINENT enables the physicians to plan the surgery from start to finish. It is an implant placement protocol that offers greater security, making the job easier to professionals and improving the postoperative period for patients.
CAD-CAM process
AVINENT, in collaboration with the lab, designs the perfect structure for each patient based on a digital model or a physical scan model. Thanks to the most advanced software, it prepares a digital design of the prosthetic structures to get a completely precise milling.
While using the HSM technology, AVINENT is able to make the structure collection process fast and efficient, providing a completely customized service that offers solutions to any kind of structure or material.
3D printing
The extensive experience in 3D printing techniques enables AVIVENT to offer a wide range of certified solutions and materials for high-precision dental procedures.
Finished Restoration
AVINENT works with the best labs to give the final touch to each product, guaranteeing their quality and a perfect aesthetic finish. The collaboration of AVINENT in the structure completion process offers a guarantee of success and a perfect fit, demonstrating that each case is unique for each patient.
Recover your smile
Security, planning and comfort lead the process of the digital work flow, a process that is successfully completed by AVINENT with the positioning of the final structure in the clinic. The best smiles start shining again in a simple, but yet pleasant process for the patient.